Complementing PD With Classroom Coaching

The beginning of the new school year starts another cycle of learning and growth for students. Just as importantly, this time marks a new cycle of professional growth and development for classroom teachers; but will the growth that educators realize by June match beginning-of-the-year expectations?

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Check Your Biases at the Door

There is an awful lot of fear-mongering going on all around us these days. Depending on our biases, our reactions to frightening stimuli can run the gamut from thoughtful repose, to hand-wringing, to channeling Chicken Little and echoing claims we hear and see.

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Sonny Magana in The Future of Everything

“If we continue along our current trajectory, students in future classrooms will sit in front of computers passively absorbing information transmitted by a teaching robot. Future classrooms will simply reproduce in a digital realm what’s currently being done in the analog world: mistaking the transmission of information for authentic knowledge generation.

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