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Every single one of us has the potential to experience optimal learning, the kind where our passions and abilities converge to elevate our performance well bone our expectations. This is what Dr. Sonny Magana calls “learning in the zone,” and in this book the renowned learning futurist, Oxford Research Scholar, an award-winning educator provides easy-to-understand strategies that can help anyone get there.

In clear, engaging prose, Dr. Magana lays out the seven specific habits learners–whether they’re students, parents, teachers, administrators, or educational leaders–need to meet the challenges they’ll face on their education journeys. He shares inspiring insights from his own experience along with digital tools and an accessible grounding in cognitive science to make a strong case for meta-learning as the path forward for producing successful twenty-first-century learners and unlocking their limitless learning potential.

Rave Reviews!

“Sonny Magana has truly become the Eddie Van Halen of learning.” -John Hattie, author of Visible Learning

“In this immensely engaging book, Sonny Magana provides a new view of the learner that goes well beyond the traditional perspective of “receiver of information.” His concept of meta-learning has the potential to set the foundations for the new pedagogy of the twenty-first century.” – Robert J. Marzano, author of The Art and Science of Teaching

“I absolutely positively LOVE this book! “Learning in the Zone” equips educators with high-impact strategies that make meaningful learning so effortless that it almost feels like cheating! -Matt Miller, author of Ditch that Textbook

“Sonny Magana makes it so easy to understand and develop the seven meta-learning habits that our students need to be successful in school and in life. After the chaos of COVID, meta-learning should be the new normal in schools.” -Alice Keeler, author of 50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom

“In Learning in the Zone, Dr. Sonny Magana introduces seven habits used by meta-learners. Educators need no longer wonder ho to foster the “lifelong learner” so idealized in education. Dr. Magana has laid a yellow brick road for educators wishing to understand and move students into their optimal learning zone. Every student deserves transcendent learning experiences, and every teacher and leader needs this book to guide the way!” – Marlena Hebern, author of The EduProtocols Field Guides

“I love how Sonny’s new book makes complex brain research so approachable to ‘regular teachers.’ I’m excited that Sonny continues to make his research findings both relatable and actionable. I hope educators will take the bait and maximize learning with elegance and grace once and for all. It’s long overdue. BRAVO, Sonny” – Jon Corippo author, The EduProtocol Field Guides

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