Keynotes, Event Opening/Closing, Motivational Speaking

Dr. Sonny Magana is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and event presenter who has been sharing his leadership expertise, educational research findings, and innovative instructional methods for the past 25 years. Sonny has been the keynote presenter for education conferences all across North America, South American Europe, Africa,, Asia, and Australia,  Sonny is a unique and engaging storyteller who blends music, imagery, and a wealth personal experience to offer an unforgettable presentation experiences that is as entertaining as it is informative.

Past Keynotes:

Embracing Disruptive Innovation in Education

The Power of Mindfulness in Learning

Enhancing the Art and Science of Teaching with Technology

The Highly Engaged Classroom

Standards-Based Assessment and Grading

Becoming a Contributive Classroom

Service Learning & Technology

Teaching and Learning for Mastery

Globalizing Education: Now’s the Time!

Teaching Assessment Literacy

Embracing a Mastery Mindset

Conference Sessions, Presentations, Workshops

Beyond Transformation: Transcending the Status Quo with the T3 Framework

Disruptive Classroom Technologies: A Framework for Innovation in Education

Applying Neuroscience Research into Classroom Practices

Embracing a Mastery Mindset

The Power of Contribution

Enhancing the Art and Science of Teaching with Technology

Teaching for the Future, Not the Past

Future Readiness and Technology: It’s Not What You Think

Sonny will work with you to understand your organizations’ intentions and will work closely with you to craft a workshop session or presentation that will be meaningful and unforgettable.

Past Reviews: 

“Sonny was awesome! He was so patient with us! I would come again during vacation any day! I am leaving better prepared to being the school year!”

“The most valuable aspect of this workshop was Sonny’s guided practice of the many useful websites and tools. I feel that I can really use these sites and tools to enhance my teaching and engage my students.”

“You have given me a ‘tool box’ of resources that will make lesson planning a real joy! I have loved these 3 days!”

“Sonny’s presentation was wonderful! He is an excellent communicator and made everyone feel special. An excellent instructor!”

“Sonny created a very comfortable atmosphere and impressed me with his knowledge of educational technology. I thoroughly enjoyed the open dialogue between Sonny and the workshop participants.”

“Wonderful presentation. The information presented was relevant to reaching students using technology in the classroom at all levels. I would take this workshop again as Sonny left me wanting more and ready to implement these strategies in my classroom!”

“Very worthwhile. One of the best workshops in my 27 years of teaching!”

“The balancing of introduction, exploration, application and collaboration was awesome!”

“You did a great job modeling for us how to make people feel like contributors to the class!”

“Awesome workshop! I loved the energy and the positivity! Just what I needed to start teaching in a 1:1 class!”