Integrating technology in teaching

The role of technology in the classroom has been the subject of many books and articles in recent years. The sheer range of different approaches to integrating technology in teaching can be overwhelming and has, in some instances, led to the adoption of technologies that do not significantly enhance the student learning experience.

This book outlines a new framework for maximising the potential impact of technology in the classroom. Sonny Magana’s T3 Framework provides teachers, schools and educational authorities with the means to evaluate the effectiveness of different technologies. The approach aims to help educators eliminate low-impact uses of technology and use technology to create new opportunities for learning.

One of the T3 framework’s key strengths is its clear, precise guidance on how to make best of use of technology.

The reader is guided through the framework by a series of reflective activities in the form of worksheets and questionnaires. The reflective activities are designed to ensure educators carefully consider how to support transformational and transcendent learning experiences with available technologies. In addition to familiar technologies, the author provides examples for how more obscure technologies could be used to facilitate higher level learning experiences.

Perhaps you have wondered how technology can help your students work on complex, open-ended problems. Or you have questioned if technological approaches can encourage students to work as creative partners in a learning community. By working through the practical steps outlined in this book, you may well develop approaches that achieve these goals.