Sonny Magana in The Future of Everything

“If we continue along our current trajectory, students in future classrooms will sit in front of computers passively absorbing information transmitted by a teaching robot. Future classrooms will simply reproduce in a digital realm what’s currently being done in the analog world: mistaking the transmission of information for authentic knowledge generation. Here’s another possibility: future classrooms will be expansive places where authentic experiential learning is distributed among a wide variety of physical and virtual spaces that are directed by students’ individual interests, passion, and purpose. Learning spaces of the future will include interactive entrepreneurial environments where students can explore new content knowledge through inquiry design, learning how to learn and how apply their learning to solve complex, wicked problems that matter to them. So which future classroom will emerge? That depends on whether we choose to disrupt the status quo by preparing students for their future rather than our past.”

~ Sonny Magana

Contribution posted in the blog “The Future of Everything”, March, 2017
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