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“Fresh, innovative, and revolutionary, Dr. Magana’s T3 Framework promises to challenge the status quo and invite disruptive practices in educational technology. Enhancing social entrepreneurship with technology, as the final stage of Magana’s framework for technology use in education, is a powerful proposal and a compelling vision worth pursuing by all educators.”

Dr. Yong Zhao, Foundation Distinguished Professor, University of Kansas

School systems have invested billions of dollars in professional development with technology for over thirty years. Sadly, the needle of impact remains stuck on low: The average Effect Size of technology on student achievement is a meager ES=.34, and hasn’t changed in fifty years (Hattie, in Magana, 2017). Our teachers and students deserve better. Hard-working teachers and educational leaders need timely, personalized, and targeted professional learning that has been vetted by education researchers and practitioners.

The strategies in the T3 Framework have an Effect Size of ES=1.6, which is equivalent to quadrupling student achievement (Magana & Marzano, 2014). The T3 Framework provides an innovative sequence of learning strategies that educators and leaders can readily learn to master for enormous academic gains.

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