Arkansas Department of Education Innovation Summit September 23 – 24, 2019 Hot Springs, AR

I am delighted and honored to keynote the Arkansas Department of Education Innovation Summit on September 23 – 24, 2019 in beautiful Hot Springs, Arkansas. I will also be facilitating two hands-on workshops on how to reliably accelerate student learning and achievement using the guidance provided by the T3 Framework Learning System. I hope to see you there!

Keynote Address: Education’s Moonshot: Doubling Student Achievement with the T3 Framework

Description: Despite billions of dollars spent equipping classrooms and schools with the latest digital technology, the impact on student achievement remains frustratingly low. Now, more than ever, we need an Educational Moonshot. Award-winning educator and pioneering researcher Dr. Sonny Magana will share the T3 Framework for Innovation from his best-selling book, Disruptive Classroom Technologies. The T3 Framework categorizes technology use into three distinct stages: T1) Translational, T2) Transformational, and T3) Transcendent. The sequence of strategies in the T3 Framework empowers modern learners who thrive when given multiple opportunities to creatively transfer their knowledge in order to improve their world. Systemic adoption of the T3 Framework is helping whole learning systems realize the largely untapped potential of educational technologies to generate collective efficacy by catalyzing students’ current and future learning readiness.

Research Base: The T3 Framework was synthesized from Dr. Magana’s 35-year inquiry which endeavored to uncover the most reliable methods for enhancing teaching and learning with digital tools. The strategies in the T3 Framework have an observed effect size of ES=1.6 (Magana & Marzano, 2013; 2014; Magana, 2017; Magana, 2018; Magana, 2019). Dr. Magana’s research methods and findings underpinning the T3 Framework have recently been inducted into The University of Oxford Research Encyclopedia for Education. The T3 Framework for Innovation has been hailed as “a visionary work; truly inspirational,” (Marzano, 2017), a “brilliant breakthrough in our understanding and use of technology for learning” (Fullan, 2017), and, “a major step forward…the T3 Challenge is a powerful, credible, and exciting challenge: Let’s do it!” (Hattie, 2018).O