The T3 Challenge Comes to California!

Mark Your Calendars: September 26, 2018 at the

Ventura County Office of Education!






The effects of Information & Communications Technology (ICT) remain too low and understanding the “why” it is so low is critical. Magana has advanced our understanding of the Visible Learning and used this to advance a major step forward. His T3 Framework aligns beautifully with the Visible Learning claims, inviting ICT to move beyond the translational (surface), to also incorporate the transformation (deep), and the transcendent (transfer). To thence use ICT in these powerful ways will require a revolution—asking teachers to reduce their emphasis on the “Tell and Practice” model and inviting and teaching students to be more involved in planning,teaching each other, and evaluating their impact on the three levels of learning. This is a powerful, credible, and exciting challenge that Magana has offered us: Let’s do it.”

–Professor John Hattie

Are You Ready to take the T3 Challenge?

The T3 Framework for Innovation in Education is an actionable model for learning organizations to shift from low-impact technology use toward systemic technology uses that have an observed effect size of ES=1.6—or the equivalent of four or more additional years of learning in a single year, The framework categorizes technology’s impact on learning into three domains:

  • T1) Translational — leveraging technology to translate analog activities into digital activities, increasing accuracy and speed.
  • T2) Transformational — leveraging technology to transform the learner, the learning and its outcomes.
  • T3) Transcendent — leveraging technology to ignite the creative spirit in all learners, allowing everyone to reach their full potential.

What is involved in the T3 Challenge?

Start by attending the Foundational Organization Development and Strategic Planning session on September 26, 2018 . Here you will begin to build your understanding of the T3 Framework, complete a self-reflective survey to gain insight into your own practice, and set professional mastery goals for the coming year.

During the year you will be participating in one to two asynchronous, online learning courses to deepen your understanding of the T3 Framework domains and elements as well as proven strategies to effectively engage students with innovative teaching and learning practices.

In addition to online learning opportunities, T3 Challenge participants will have the opportunity to meet “Live – Online” with Dr. Magana for additional discussions and coaching. Live interactive sessions will be organized by site and/or as a county collaborative.

You wrap up the T3 Challenge with a group celebration and certification symposium. Share best practices, celebrate successes, learn from challenges and set your sites for next year!

How Much Does it Cost to Participate in the T3 Challenge?

The T3 Challenge package includes: [$375/per person for the full package]

  • Foundational Organization Development and Strategic Planning session on September 26, 2018 — $125/per person includes breakfast, lunch and a copy of Disruptive Classroom Technologies: A Framework for Innovation in Education
  • Online Course registration — each course is $125/per person. A digital badge is earn upon course completion. CEU’s are available [note: only 1 course is required]
  • End of Year Celebration and Certification Symposium — $125/per person

Optional Offerings include:

  • 90 minute online meeting with Dr. Magana for your school site and/or district — $750/per session
  • 90 minute online collaborative meeting with Dr. Magana held at the county office with multiple sites and/or districts participating — Price determined based on number of participants.

How do I sign up for the T3 Challenge?

To register for the Foundational Organization Development and Strategic Planning session on September 26, 2018 please use the link below. Details for the online courses and optional live coaching will be discusses at the meeting.

Registration Link:

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