John Hattie’s Visible Learning Conference July 9th – 10th Chicago, Illinois

The T3 Framework for Innovation: Enhancing Visible Learning with Technology

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 10:00 AM

2018 Visible Learning Strand(s): Putting Strategies into Practice

Despite billions of dollars spent equipping classrooms with modern technology, highly reliable integration of digital tools to accelerate deeper learning and knowledge transfer remains frustratingly elusive (Hattie, in Magana, 2017; Magana, 2016; 2017; Magana & Marzano, 2014; 2015). While this is a “wicked problem” with many variables, classroom teachers will benefit from a research-based model for innovative technology use in classrooms that helps teachers: 1) Assess their current use of classroom technologies, (2) Establish clear goals for continuous growth and mastery, and 3) Continuously measure and track their progress towards those goals.

There are currently two dominant frameworks guiding efforts to integrate technology in most school systems: TPACK (Technological knowledge, Pedagogical knowledge, and Content knowledge) and SAMR (Substitutions, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition). Unfortunately, both of these models only peripherally address an essential question “How does the use of technology add value, in terms of unleashing student learning potential, in ways that are not possible without the technology?” Moreover, lacking the necessary organizational structures such as clear indicators, incremental stages, clear transitions, and instructional strategies, both of these models can be easily misinterpreted and misapplied by classroom teachers. This only adds to teachers’ sense of frustration.

In this interactive workshop, award-winning educator and best-selling author Dr. Sonny Magana will share the T3 Framework for Innovation from his newest book, Disruptive Classroom Technologies. The T3 Framework is designed to help classroom teachers reliably leverage digital tools by contextualizing their use into 3 distinct stages: Translational, Transformational, and Transcendent. Grounded in sound research and theory, the T3 Framework is designed to provide teachers with more precise, timely, and actionable guidance and feedback to support their educational technology uses that reliably unleashes students’ limitless learning potential.