NCCE March 6, 2020 Seattle, Washington

Teach Better, Work Less: T3 Framework for Innovation & EduProtocols

This session brings Oxford Research Encyclopedia Scholar, Dr. Sonny Magana, and CUE’s Chief Learning Officer, Jon Corippo, together to share how the T3 Framework for Innovation and the EduProtocols can reliably accelerate achievement. The T3 Framework categorizes technology’s impact on achievement into three distinct stages: T1) Translational, T2) Transformational, and T3) Transcendent. The strategies in the T3 Framework were shown to consistently double student achievement. The EduProtocols are easy to adopt, UDL friendly, and platform agnostic lesson frames that can dramatically boost student performance, creativity and lessen workloads on teachers. When combined, the T3 Framework and the EduProtocols provide the how and the why to teach better and work less. Join two best-selling authors for a hands-on session that will change the way you seamlessly integrate pedagogy and technology. Many free lesson plans included.