What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution and How Will it Effect K12 Schools?

Q&A: Rod Houpe Uses Evidence to Drive Change in Schools

Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s CIO says K–12 districts need to drive digital transformation using change management.
Here is a powerful excerpt from Rod’s interview:

EDTECH: How do schools take the leap into the digital transformation pool without drowning?HOUPE:  A reliance on evidence-based methods remains critical. Sonny Magana, one of my co-authors on the white paper “Mastering Organizational Change Management to Drive Digital Transformation in Education,” strongly advocates for the T3 Framework for Innovation, and I agree. It’s a modern pedagogical model that measures the impact of educational technology in three domains: translation, transformation and transcendence. The framework is a great piece of learning for schools that want to make digital transformation paramount.

Schools need to be willing to “fail forward.” Once the evidence-based approach is developed, you have to know it might not always work. Evolution and the practice of digital transformation is a learning experience in itself, and that’s OK. Trial and error is essential to formulating a sound transformation strategy, and communicating those lessons is equally as important.

Finally, the entire organization needs to recognize and celebrate growth during the academic year. Use data, and the impact made, to establish meaningful goals for the following year.

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