AASA National Conference February 13 – 15, 2020 San Diego, California

There can be no denying that building and scaling innovation in education is fundamentally a leadership issue. Initiatives which are successful are those that are nurtured by classroom, building, and district leadership. Without the explicit support by leaders, even the most promising practices get left behind.

That’s why I’m thrilled to have been selected to share the T3 Framework for Innovation at the School Superintendents Association (AASA) conference on February 15th in San Diego, California. It’s critically important that Superintendents are aware of the breakthrough research findings on doubling student learning and achievement with the T3 learning strategies.

If you, or your Superintendent, is planning on going, don’t miss my session on Saturday, 2/15/2020 from 8:00:00 AM – 9:00:00 AM at the San Diego Convention Center.  Here is the session description:

Title: Education’s Moonshot: Doubling Student Achievement with the T3 Framework

Description: Technology’s impact on student achievement has remained frustratingly low for far too long. In this session, award-winning teacher and pioneering education researcher Dr. Sonny Magana will discuss the T3 Framework for Innovation from his best-selling book, Disruptive Classroom Technologies: A Framework for Innovation in Education. The T3 Framework categorizes technology use and impact into three distinct stages: T1) Translational, T2) Transformational, and T3) Transcendent. The strategies in the T3 Framework were shown to reliably double student achievement. The T3 Framework has been hailed as “a visionary work; truly inspirational,” (Marzano, 2017), a “brilliant breakthrough in our understanding and use of technology for learning” (Fullan, 2017), and, “a major step forward; the T3 Challenge is a powerful, credible, and exciting challenge: Let’s do it!” (Hattie, 2019). Synthesized from Dr. Magana’s 35-year quest to accelerate student learning and achievement, the T3 Framework was recently inducted into Oxford University’s Research Encyclopedia for Education.

Synthesized from Dr. Magana’s 36-year quest to accelerate student learning and achievement in the Digital Age, the T3 Framework for Innovation was rigorously peer-reviewed and recently inducted into The Oxford Research Encyclopedia for Education. Dr. Magana’s T3 Framework is the only learning model of innovation through technology to be inducted into this highly esteemed canon of education research.

Outcomes: These sessions provide participants with foundational learning on the T3 Framework for Innovation. Learning outcomes include:

  • Awareness of the research findings on technology’s impact on student achievement;
  • Guidance on implementing the T3 Framework strategies in classrooms immediately to begin accelerating students’ mastery of current and future learning capacities; and,
  • Guidance on using the T3 Framework to build collective efficacy of whole learning systems.