Leveraging Innovation to Promote Deeper Learning

Dr. Magana’s consultative services are highly sought-after because they thoroughly grounded in the highest quality education research, theory, and decades of practical classroom and leadership experience.

Traditional teacher training programs have failed to move learning systems forward. Collective efficacy can only be established through integrated systemic intervention using an actionable model for continuous improvement. Dr. Magana has vast experience in measurably moving learning organizations forward, and is a highly sought-after consultant for modernizing global educational system with. His innovative 4-Stage approach to building contributive learning communities is a modern model for continuous growth and organizational development. A highly experienced organizational development consultant, Sonny has developed an innovative 4-Stage approach to modernizing whole learning systems:

  1. Conduct an Accurate Needs Analysis: The needs analysis stage is of critical importance to building collective efficacy. This stage involves in-person observation, leadership and staff interviews, and the administration of quantitative and qualitative surveys to key stakeholders.
  2. Develop a Personalized Plan of Action: Every learning system is unique. A personalized plan of action is developed in order to honor the core culture and values of each learning system. This includes aligning the T3 Framework to existing instructional models and approaches such as The Danielson Model, The Marzano Model,IB, DT, PBL, STEM, and STEAM to name a few.
  3. Implement Training/Coaching Model: A personalized training and coaching model is best implemented through a distributed approach to adult learning. Sonny provides state-of-the art in-person and synchronous and asynchronous virtual learning opportunities that ensure leaders and educators have the necessary tools, support, and resources to accelerate student learning with digital tools. Magana Education professional development experiences are highly experiential, interactive, and impactful.
  4. Evaluate Impact: Magana Education uses a mixed methods approach to whole program evaluation that includes, but is not limited to, in-person observation, semi-structured and structured interviews, and quantitative and qualitative surveys along with archival up-to-date performance measures.

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