Future of Education Technology Conference Orlando, Florida January 25th, 2018

Friday, January 25th 2018 1:00 pm in North 220


Technology is becoming ubiquitous in today’s classrooms—but mere access to educational technologies will not automatically transform teaching and learning. Have we developed, at considerable cost and effort, classrooms that are digitally rich but innovation poor? In this workshop, educational futurist Dr. Sonny Magana shares the T3 Framework from his new book, “Disruptive Classroom Technologies: A Framework for Innovation in Education.” With more precise language to elevate instructional practices with technology and maximize student learning, the T3 Framework helps educators categorize students’ learning with technology as translational, transformational, or transcendent, sorting through the low-value applications to reach high-value, high-impact usage of readily available classroom technologies.

In this interactive workshop experience, participants will take away the following:

  • An understanding of the T3 Framework’s organizational structure
  • Examples of technology use at the translational, transformational, and transcendent levels
  • A self-assessment of one’s current use of educational technologies using the T3 Framework
  • An ability to view and critically evaluate classroom use of technology through the T3 lens
  • An ability to help teachers establish meaningful professional growth goals using the T3 Framework
  • An ability to track teacher’s progress towards their growth goals using the T3 Framework

As more educational systems endeavor to effectively integrate technology, the T3 Framework will help modern education leaders realize the potential of modern teaching and learning tools to unleash students’ passion for limitless learning.